Improve CX & Loyalty in Multi-Unit Restaurant & Coffee Chains by leveraging Messaging Apps



Private equity and oversupply has made the food service industry ultra-competitive, so finding ways to attract and retain customers is now more important than ever.

Word-of-mouth marketing and online customer advocacy have become essential drivers of growth, but they are difficult to manage in a multi-unit business.

How can you monitor customer experience (CX) to ensure standards are being maintained across your locations? How can you encourage happy customers to advocate on your behalf? How can you follow up with disgruntled customers to turn those detractors into promoters? 



You need to hear the voice of customers (VOC) in your restaurants and coffee shops. You need a solution that makes it easy to have a conversation with customers when something goes wrong and automatically ask them for some online appreciation when things go really well. 

ServiceDock is that solution. We're different because we leverage the messaging apps consumers use every day to maximise customer engagement, which means you can:

Capture More Feedback

Capture 3X more location-specific feedback via Facebook Messenger and our web messenger. They work particularly well in physical locations. 

Benchmark Locations

Benchmark outlet performance in real-time using our intuitive dashboard. Unit/area managers can log in & see how they compare to the benchmark.

Improve Digital Customer Service

Seamlessly follow up with unhappy customers to turn detractors into promoters. Answer customer queries & confirm bookings via messaging.

Identify Customers & Personalise Interactions 

Easily capture contact details from both in-house & "dark" delivery app customers, so you can personalise future interactions with them.

Case Study on how Restaurant's can use feedback to improve CX
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Some of the Benefits of using ServiceDock to Manage your CX Programme

Improved Groupwide CX Culture

Role-based permissions mean the appropriate data is made available to the right staff to help build strong CX culture throughout the organisation.

More Actionable Customer Insights

Our dashboards & artificial intelligence surfaces insights to help you put the customer at the heart of your decision making.

Turn Detractors into Promoters

Real-time messaging means you can quickly close the feedback loop & address problems before they're posted online or shared with friends.

Build Customer Advocacy

Generate referrals by following up with customers after they visit or use our request a review feature to improve online ratings.

New Marketing Channels

Tools that capture email addresses & phone numbers help you grow your marketing lists while we also open Messenger as a promotional channel.

Increased Bookings & Footfall

Opening up Facebook Messenger as a booking channel can increase visibility & footfall, particularly among millennials.

Increased Customer Loyalty 

Outlet benchmarking & other features help improve CX across the group. Fewer bad experiences results in reduced customer churn.

Lower Employee Turnover

Fewer customer complaints & positive feedback make your restaurant a better place to work. Reducing employee turnover saves you money.

All-in-One Solution

Combining customer feedback & service in one platform is more efficient & keeps all your data in one place.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Some of the food service businesses using ServiceDock 

"ServiceDock captures way more customer feedback than anything we’ve tried before. It makes following up with unhappy customers easy and it helps me identify which restaurant managers look after our customers best. It’s a great tool!"

George Bertram - Rocket Restaurants - ServiceDock Testimonial


Commercial Director, Rocket Restaurants

ServiceDock Delivers Strong ROI

Ultimately we help you improve your understanding of customers and build rapport with them via messaging, while also building your mailing list. Book a demo today to see for yourself how ServiceDock can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while attracting more customers to your restaurants.

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